The Administration Department led by the Office of the Executive Director, comprised of the Executive Director and Deputy Executive Director, Human Resource/Public Relations Officer, Internal Auditor plus Support Staff. The Administration Department is responsible for the overall coordination of the UKS organs at National and subsidiary levels as follows:

The Executive Director (currently, Aloysius Mugasa Adyeri) coordinates: National Secretariat (overall leadership and administration).

  • Human Resource Management
  • Resource Mobilization/Investment
  • Planning Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Internal Audit
  • External Relations

The Executive Director handles Human Resources Management together with the Human Resources Officer  who is also in charge of public relations. The Human Resources Officer ensures that all Human Resource function of the organisation are carried out as per the policy and the Uganda Labour Laws.

The Internal Auditor (currently Mr. Wakisa Fred) is responsible for undertaking checks and balances in the operations of the organisation especially in ensuring value for money, by examining the systems in place and making necessary recommendations to ensure Efficiency, Economic Viability and Effectiveness of UKS activities and projects. This he does hand in hand with the Executive Director.

The Deputy Executive Director (currently, Mrs. Noeline B. Kisembo) is responsible for Planning Monitoring and Evaluation of UKS activities and oversees the National Projects and Programmes: These include among others Kolping Hotels (Guest Houses) Specialized Programmes: KEDEP, Kolping Artisan Support services, The Net Internet Cafe Estates and UKS Dairy Farm Rwamutonga

The Executive Director and Deputy Executive Director work closely in the running of the Office of the Executive Director.

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