Namuddu Eva (Hair Dressing)

By 2011, I must say least I was sure about who I was, where I was and where I wanted to be. I was told about Kolping and attended the programme in 2011.
I was just a school drop out doing nothing and earning nothing.

I completed a 2 day soft skills course at Nakulabye Catholic Parish, and went onto hard skills training in Hair Dressing which I successfully completed at Tiner International School of Beauty in 2012.

I felt good that I got the opportunity to gain skills and depend on my self. Today, I own and run my own saloon in Nansana. I plan to put up a big saloon in the names of; EKY Beauty Palour and even train youth to help save them from a similar situation that I was in before WOP.

I feel that I am now a useful citizen and with the service I now provide, am proud of being part of WOP. Thanks to all the facilitators, Donors, Uganda Kolping Society and to my friend who informed me about this opportunity.
After WOP, I am doing something and earning a living.

Quick contacts

Address: P.O. Box 76, Hoima Uganda
Tel: +256 465 440165
+256 465 423059
Fax: +256 465 440313