Our Core Values

i) Quality Service
All our staff desire to offer the best services, through Excellency, Efficiency and proficiency in all we do.

ii) Learning and Education
UKS employees strive to continue learning and sharing experience to stimulate ability to meet challenges and take on opportunities in a changing world.

iii) Self Reliance
The key to development lies in help for self help. As a pre-requisite to benefit from UKS every individual must initiate and commit them selves to self help to qualify for assistance from UKS. UKS aims at helping people to help themselves.

iv) Transparency and Accountability
The staff of UKS accept and are committed to take responsibility and decisions as individuals or teams while on duty and in any dealings with our beneficiaries.

v) Christian Virtues
UKS embraces Catholic values, as the solid foundation whose in line with teachings of Fr. Adolph Kolping.

vi) Culture and Recreation
Enhancing the quality of life through cultural and recreational opportunities Kolping promotes participation and solidarity.

vii) Partnership
Networking and collaboration. UKS will be able to utilize its social capital and other resources of partner collaborating agencies.

vii) Teamwork
We promote and support a diverse, yet unified, team. We work together to meet our common goals.

Quick contacts

Address: P.O. Box 76, Hoima Uganda
Tel: +256 465 440165
+256 465 423059
Fax: +256 465 440313
Email: info@kolpingug.org
Website: www.kolpingug.org