What is Uganda Kolping Society?
Uganda Kolping Society, a counterpart of International Kolping Society, founded by Father Adolph Kolping, is a Catholic, family-like, life-guiding education and action-oriented organization involving all aspects of life, body and soul in an integral manner.

It consists of local Kolping Families, and their associations, the Diocesan and/or Regional and National Kolping Societies.

The name of this community is "International Kolping Society" or in brief, Kolping International. The official seat of the International Kolping Society is Cologne, Germany, where Father Kolping lived and worked, and where he is buried. In Uganda Headquarters are in Hoima Municipality.

What are the objectives of the Kolping Society?
In accordance with its Program, the Kolping Society aims:
1. To enable its members to be an example as Christians in the world through their lives, occupations, marriage and families;
2. To serve the needs of its members and of society;
3. To promote the common good in a Christian spirit through active participation of its individual members and their groups, and to co-operate in the continuous renewal and humanization of society.

How does one become a member?
1. Anyone who is willing to adhere to the objectives of the Kolping Society and prepared to implement the same can become a member.
2. In principle, one becomes a member of a local Kolping Family. Therefore, the application for membership has to be presented to the nearest local Kolping Family. In absence of a Kolping Family, one can mobilize other people to form one under tutorship of a field officer.
3. The Executive Board of the local Kolping Family decides on the admission of new members.

What are your colours and what do they represent?
The common emblem of the Kolping Society is the "K" in the colours black and orange. Orange colour represents the joys of this world and the heavenly realm and challenges us to be the light of the world while black reminds us that life without challenges is no life at all. We should therefore learn to withstand challenges in our daily life.

Are Hotels the Kolping Society's main business?
Kolping Houses or Hotels or resorts are some of the income generating businesses. Our main focus as Uganda Kolping Society are the members organized in small groups called Kolping Families .We aim empowering them to become better people in all spheres of life mainly; Marriage and Family, Work and Profession, Church and State and Culture and Recreation.

What are the benefits of becoming a member?
Membership in a local Kolping Family automatically bestows membership in the International Kolping Society. The Kolping Society is a vehicle for individual and Society transformation. When members come together they develop synergy which eventually becomes available to each individual member in the group. Members learn from each other through natural family visitations and various trainings.

Technical Services Department

1) Why did Uganda Kolping Society establish a Technical Services Department?
Technical Services Department was established to champion vocational training, environment and afforestation, and appropriate technologies development as a contribution to combat poverty among the economically and socially disadvantaged target groups through self-help measures.


2) What is Work Opportunity Programme (WOP)?
Work Opportunity Programme is a vocational training initiative of Uganda Kolping Society to address the serious problem of unemployment through facilitation of short courses in practical skills.
Many school leavers have increasingly become desperate and developed a low self-esteem, due to the fact that their attempt to enter the job market has so far become futile.


WOP attempts to look at the "whole being" of a youth when addressing the issue of unemployment. It is a programme of empowerment and transformation, whereby learners are enabled to understand who they are, where they come from and their aspirations. Those enrolled are the unemployed youths between the age of 18 to 30, financially unable to continue with further studies and preferably to have completed S.4 or S.6 level.


3) Why tree planting in Uganda Kolping Society?
Uganda Kolping Society undertakes tree planting as her contribution to the environmental protection and promotion to the nation and the universe as a whole. Trees clean the air, produce oxygen, lower surrounding air temperatures, and are homes for wildlife and different species of birds and other living organisms and vital for all ecosystems.


Trees reduce air and noise pollution by acting as air purifiers and sound barriers, and trees help with flood control. Trees provide work opportunities for citizens living in the neighbourhoods and communities with abundance of trees with a commitment to respect their environment enjoy significantly higher property values.


Quick contacts

Address: P.O. Box 76, Hoima Uganda
Tel: +256 465 440165
+256 465 423059
Fax: +256 465 440313